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Electric Windows

Electric window switch

Don’t over complicate the diagnosis and get out of your own way! Great advice that I wished I had followed. If you’re having trouble with your power windows, don’t do what I did.

Here’s a little ditty about when I did not follow my own advice. You see, at the end of last year I purchased the car for my eldest son after he graduated from college. The car was a used 2002 BMW 325i. A 10-year-old car that was in great shape. I thoroughly went through the engine and chassis and made repairs to all the systems. I replaced all of the parts Continue reading “Fixing Your Electric Windows” »

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Re-filling Radiator

Re-filling Radiator

Many cooling system woes can be completely eliminated with proper preventative maintenance. What kind of maintenance am I referring to? Well, your vehicle’s cooling system is made up of many components and parts. The list includes your radiator, water hoses, water pump, thermostat, heater core, and many others. These parts need to be periodically replaced based on their service life and the recommendations of your vehicle service manual. The subject of this article Continue reading “Flushing Your Cooling System” »

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Alright, I’m going to say it from the outset, get yourself an OBD II scan tool.  I’m going to say it again but this time a little louder,  GET YOURSELF AN OBD II SCAN TOOL.  What am I talking about and why am I shouting?  Follow along dear reader, I’ll explain and I was shouting to help get my point across.  This little tool is worth its weight in gold and it will probably save you just as much over the life of your vehicles. You need

Continue reading “The OBD II Scanning Tool: Worth its Weight in Gold” »

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Vacuuming Car

Vacuuming Car (Just part of the process)

Smoke is a very offensive smell and can linger for a very long time in fabrics and on surfaces. Removing cigarette smoke odor from your vehicle requires all interior surfaces to be cleaned, either professionally or at home. The level of intensity depends on which way you choose to get it removed. A car with terribly bad smoke odor is usually best served by a professional cleaner. If you choose to try and rid your vehicle of the smoke odor yourself, you must remember to clean every square inch of the interior surface.
Continue reading “How to Eliminate Smoke Odor From Your Vehicle” »

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