GreaseMonkeyJunkie.com was founded in late 2012 and is dedicated all those auto and motorcycle junkies who love to turn a wrench.  There is something very powerful about being able to repair, update, or upgraded your own vehicle.  Not to mention the money you can and will save doing so.

There is also something less tangible.  Something that you can not easily put your finger on.  There is something therapeutic that happens during and after completing a repair, maintenance, or upgrade.  It is almost like a “high”.  You know, gotta get that fix.  That’s what this website is about.  Do more, repair more, save more.

Our mission at GreaseMonkeyJunkie.com is to bring you the best advice in DIY auto and motorcycle repair and maintenance every week for those weekend repair jobs.  We will also bring you the best vendors for parts, manuals, and of course tools.  We love tools!

Don’t forget, we want to here from you.  Did you fix it?  Did you complete your first oil change?  We want to hear it.  We want to know “What Are You Wrenching (WAYW)” this weekend.  Check out our WAYW section and submit your project or repair.

Here’s to the true Junkies.

Get in and get your fix.  Subscribe!

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