By Courtney Evans

City Car TrailsAs I was catching up on some overdue reading of one of my many car magazines, I came across a very interesting article.  This article discussed the future of the automobile with regards to vehicle autonomy.  Essentially, different vehicle systems that do the thinking for you.  So, what does all this mean to someone who likes to work on his/her own cars?  I’ll get to that shortly.

Some of these technologies are already present and you could buy a vehicle with an autonomous system today!  You have automated cruise control, parking-assist,  and lane-departure warning Continue reading “Is There a Future for the DIY Mechanic?” »

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Car Stored with Car Cover

Car Stored with Car Cover

As the weather has turned cold for most of the country and some of us are facing snow storms and icy temperatures, there’s no doubt that Old Man Winter is upon us.  In some cases, with a vengeance.  Winter is not automobile friendly.  It adds stress and strain to your vehicle’s charging system and is extremely corrosive to your vehicle’s body and undercarriage thanks to the salt and sand mixture Continue reading “Preparing Your Vehicle for Storage” »

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Big Money

Big Money!!!

Saving money.  What do those two words mean to you?  For some, it means clipping coupons for the weekly grocery shopping trip.  For others, it means spending less at big box retailers and spending more at the local thrift shops.  It means both for most people.  Saving money or simply not wasting it are essentially the same thing.  Each year we all can cut our household costs in various ways with Continue reading “Saving Real Money by Doing-It-Yourself. Really?” »

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Polishing Paint

Polishing Paint

Nearly all cars manufactured today have a clear coat finish. In the automotive world, clear coat refers to a clear layer of resin that is applied over your cars paint. Unfortunately, like most things today, they don’t make or should I say paint them like they use to. Newer cars often have an extremely thin and often only one clear coat sprayed on Continue reading “Clear Coat & Tips on its Restoration” »

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