By Courtney Evans

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Select the right tires

In part one we learned a new language.  The language of reading and speaking “tires”.  We made sense of all the important, yet confusing information written on the sidewall of every tire.  If you missed that issue, you can find it here.  We learned how to determine the tire’s size, construction type, and physical characteristics.  Now that you’re fluent in this new language Continue reading “Be Smart About Tires Part 2: Choosing the Right Tires” »

By Courtney Evans

Tire Purpose-Size-Type

Tire Purpose-Size-Type


At most times, your tires go largely ignored.  We hardly ever pay attention to them unless something goes wrong.  They usually get our attention when they are either flat or when they are the cause of our failed state inspection.  Tires are extremely important and their function should never be taken for granted.

Your tires are literally “where the rubber meets the road” and choosing the right tires at replacement time can be critical.  So, when the nice sales rep at “Tire World” makes a recommendation on what Continue reading “Be Smart About Tires Part 1: What Does the Writing on the Sidewall Mean?” »

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You walk outside to get into your car because its another working day. As you get closer to your vehicle, you realize that it seems to be leaning.  You go around to the other side and there it is.  A flat tire.  Everything seemed fine on your drive home yesterday but something must have pierced the tire, causing a slow leak.

Or how about this scenario?  You’re driving along enjoying the tunes on the radio then Continue reading “How to Change a Flat Tire: Its No Mystery” »

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