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It was time for another oil change.  This time on the wife’s Z4 Coupe.  I performed several other maintenance tasks on that Saturday morning.  Don’t you love weekends?  This is a straight forward and relatively easy task.

The first thing is to get the vehicle safely up in the air.  I drove the car onto a couple of pieces of cut 2×10 to raise it high enough to get my floor jack underneath.  I stabilized the car with wheel chocks on the rear, pulled the emergency brake, and put the car in 1st gear to prevent the car from rolling back.  I raised the front and lowered it onto some wooden ramps that I built.  Then I went to the back of the car and raised the rear and lowered it onto a pair of jack stands.  Next, I went back to the front and lifted it and then lowered it onto another pair of jack stands.  Note:  I put my wooden ramps under the car and my jack followed me back and forth underneath the car as I moved from front to back for an additional level of safety.

With the car completely off the ground, I could perform all of the maintenance issues.  The oil change procedure follows:

1.  Remove the oil filter from the top of the engine
2.  Remove the oil drain plug with a breaker bar with socket and drain the oil into an oil catch pan.
3.  Replace the oil drain plug with a new crush washer installed.  Tighten using the right amount of torque with a torque wrench.
4.  Install new oil filter with new O-Rings.
5.  Fill engine with new oil.

I also performed a gearbox oil change, differential oil change, and brake fluid change on that day.  Easily a $250 savings on labor.  Probably more.




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